Gateway to Shopper Marketing

With today’s savvy shopper, it is critical for CPGs and Retailers to understand shopper behavior. With RGI's broad retail knowledge, we successfully engage the shopper at multiple touchpoints and drive profitable growth for both CPGs and Retailers.

Align with the Retailer

CPGs are looking to drive sales and increase brand loyalty, but in order to do so, they must customize their plans to align with the retailer’s goals. Understanding how to create successful programs that meet the needs of both CPG and Retailer is something RGI has been doing for over 25 years.

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Piece it Together

An effective integrated marketing plan incorporates a mix of vehicles that reach shoppers at multiple touchpoints along their path to purchase. RGI can help you put together a plan that will successfully reach your shoppers.

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The Shopper is Our Core

Understanding what shoppers respond to, their preferences and buying behavior is key to engaging with them at multiple touchpoints along the path to purchase. At RGI, we develop solutions with shoppers in mind, ensuring your brand is reaching them when and where it should to complete the purchase cycle.

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